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CSR Professional Power Restoration Services

The Collective Strategic Resources (CSR) network is a group of trusted and vetted contractors working together, coordinated by PowerGrid, to provide a qualified workforce for utilities. We can quickly respond to any type of event for power restoration or provide a supplemental work force to accomplish goals outside of an emergency event. Our mission is to bring safe practices, fair rates, and long-term partnerships to each utility and subcontracting partner.

Power Restoration

Trusted nationwide with 30+ years of experience

CSR provides power restoration and vegetation management services to utility providers across the U.S. Leveraging over 30 years of experience and strong relationships, we provide the safest, most efficient, and fair options for utility companies.

Line Clearance

Skilled, reliable, licensed professionals
Certified to climb, CSR’s network of licensed line clearance professionals provides storm clean-up, tree trimming, and tree removal in preparation for power restoration.

Damage Assessment

Boots on the ground, eyes in the sky
CSR has an experienced workforce available for damage assessment, wire watching, and drone services to report damage in critical timeframes.

Logistics & Management

Smart, responsive, and scalable
The CSR Incident Management Teams Program can assist and provide a scalable command structure to any utility response organization.

Supplemental Workforce

Leveraging relationships in gray and blue-sky events

Through the CSR network of strategic alliance partners, we provide supplemental workforce solutions for projects of all sizes covering a variety of services. We’re known for quickly and safely tackling the unique challenges brought about by storms – a capability we also leverage to help contractors and utility partners fill unexpected gaps in their more routine work schedules.